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How long does it take for me to see progress?

This will always depend on how hard you train and how committed you are when it comes to your nutrition. Bare in mind that weight loss & muscle gain will vary from person to person. Many factors might include your starting size  and your eating plan, which can make a big difference. 

Consistency and patience are the key to your goal achievement, however 

The best thing is to keep your weight measurements down. Before you begin your journey, make sure you write down your starting weight and size measurements. 

If you don’t have the equipment, ask someone at your local gym to help you out. 

How long does the program last?

Ideally, it should be 10 weeks from when you purchase the program. However, it can vary based on how many times you train per week. If you can start with 3 sessions per week within your first month, that would be ideal. After that first month you can progress to training 4/5 times per week. ​

Do you offer 1 to 1 Personal training sessions?

The answer is, YES!. Please email me at etglifestyle@yahoo.com to know more about my services. 

Are there any boot camp or group training sessions I can attend?

Yes, bootcamps are organised in groups of 20 people. Please email us requesting your interest and we will contact you back. 

Do you offer home training sessions?

Unfortunately we do not provide that service anymore. Please feel free to check our free home workout routines on our work out section.

How do I calculate my recommended daily calorie intake?

Find your weight in kg then multiply by 0.9 (if you are a female) by 1.0 ( if you are a male) then multiply again by 24.  The number that you get will be what you are supposed to consume every day. If you want to lose weight then you need to consume less than this number, if you want to gain muscle then you need to consume calories than this number.

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